Local Native v0.3.8 发布


What is new?

  • This Local Native release marks as a personal milestone to satisfy my day to day use case for web bookmarking and note taking with title, url, tags and description.
  • Search, create, read, delete and pagination are implemented for desktop (gnu/linux, mac), browser extension (firefox, chrome/brave) and mobile (ios, android).
  • On desktop, time-series charts are shown to allow filtering on time range, and tag cloud are visualized.

Why Local Native?

It seems applications today are "Cloud Native" by default. For end user, it becomes expected for a "meaningful" application to have all its data available on all the devices all the time. However this assumed convenience comes with drawbacks:

  • performance for certain feature

Local Native 浏览器插件发布

谷歌5美元验证之后才能发布在Chrome Web Store。




git-ssb 用 git pushgit push -f 目前没有区别。(应该有区别)

读到某个投资人对微信做支付的见解: >“社交是比支付更底层的需求”