Mobile Machine Learning Vision: Tensorflow Lite vs ML Kit for Firebase

State of the Art Mobile Machine Learning Vision App Release!

Standing on the shoulders of giants, my version of TFL Classify and FB MLVision are published. Much like Bluetooth Chat, my goal is to just have minimum modification to cross the finish line to publish. Now they are running on light weight but powerful mobile devices, I am amazed and feel magical to see face recognition, image classification and text recognition happen in real time. I guess it is fair to say those are state of the art machine learning capacities well packaged for developers to play with.

Bluetooth Chat 1.0 发布

My version of Bluetooth Chat is released.

It's one of many similar Android Bluetooth Chat applications presumably built based on same example code, which seems dormant without significant updates since 2016. Some of those applications really polished the UI and added more features like send images and files.

My version is aimed to just has minimum modification to cross the finish line to publish.

Local Native v0.3.8 发布


What is new?

  • This Local Native release marks as a personal milestone to satisfy my day to day use case for web bookmarking and note taking with title, url, tags and description.
  • Search, create, read, delete and pagination are implemented for desktop (gnu/linux, mac), browser extension (firefox, chrome/brave) and mobile (ios, android).
  • On desktop, time-series charts are shown to allow filtering on time range, and tag cloud are visualized.

Why Local Native?

It seems applications today are "Cloud Native" by default. For end user, it becomes expected for a "meaningful" application to have all its data available on all the devices all the time. However this assumed convenience comes with drawbacks:

  • performance for certain feature